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Design And Analysis

Our team of experts at Maxer Photonics understands the importance of efficiency and compatibility when it comes to photonic devices. We have invested in advanced technology and research to ensure that our products not only provide accurate and reliable analysis but also meet the specific requirements and expectations of our customers.

To cater to the diverse needs of our customers, we are proud to introduce our customized device service. For the first time in the photonic industry, you can order a photonic device that is tailor-made to your capabilities. Whether you require higher resolution, faster feedback, or any other specific feature, we will work closely with you to design and manufacture a device that perfectly suits your needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We guarantee that every aspect of the device will be customized to your demand, ensuring maximum efficiency and compatibility. Our team will collaborate with you throughout the process, taking into consideration your input and requirements at every step. We believe that by offering this customized service, we can better serve our customers and exceed their expectations.

At Maxer Photonics, we strive to deliver high-performance products that not only meet but also surpass industry standards. With our customized device service, you can now have a photonic device that is specifically tailored to your capabilities, offering you the ultimate solution for your analysis needs. Trust us to provide you with the efficiency and compatibility you desire, as we continue to innovate and lead in the field of photonic devices.

Latest Projects

High stability SLED source

Superluminescent light emitting diode

SLED Broadband Source

Quality Assurance

To assure customer satisfaction, Maxer Photonics High-tech Electronic Solutions is dedicated to a never-ending commitment to the perfect quality of our products, happy and satisfied personnel, and consenting customers. It is our Quality Policy to “present flaw-free products in a timely manner to the market”. We accomplish this through:

  • Products that entirely meet customer requirements for performance and reliability.
  • Customized Services to our Customers that is prompt and precise
  • Deliveries the ordered products on time
  • Committed team members

New Technology

A lot of industries around the world have started focusing on new technologies which make us accompany them in parallel to keep our sales share of the market

Market-specific Solutions

Structural Health Monitoring

Structural health monitoring involves the  observation and analysis of a system over time using periodically sampled response measurements to monitor changes to the material and geometric properties of engineering structures such as Road Bridges , Rail Bridges and buildings .


Fiber Optic Transformer

Optical Current and Voltage Transformers are an alternative to conventional transformers for protection and metering purposes with a much smaller footprint and weight. Their advantages were widely discussed in scientific and technical literature and commercial applications based on the well-known Faraday and Pockels effect.


Pipeline Leak

Special fiber optic technology can make fiber optic cable a sensing one. That solves many challenges including monitoring long units like pipelines, tunnels, or power cables. With the help of fiber optic sensors in a short time, the backscattered light delivers back acoustic, vibration, and thermal data.



Optical fibers transmit light from one end of the fiber to the other. Fiber optic cables, which are a bundle of thousands of fiber optics, offer advantages over electrical cables in that they can run over longer distances and at higher data rates . Fiber optic cables are also not susceptible to the electromagnetic interference .



The immunity to electromagnetic interference and the absence of electrical contact make the optical fibers useful also in the case of non-invasive applications for the setting of the interrogation optoelectronic unit in a safer location, keeping only the sensing element close to the patient’s bedside.


Oil & Gas Industry

Benefits come from the passive nature of fiber-optic sensors, the potential for cost-effective installations , combined with the possibility of densely distributed measurements along the entire length of the fiber. Information obtained with fiber-optic sensors installed in oil and gas wells contributes to efficiency.

Maxer Photonics is an Innovative team committed to Providing Incredible solutions for the optical industry 

Workforce :

We have very skilled team members. For quality is of prime importance, therefore, we have skilled talents on the team who are known for their expertise and work to deliver the best solutions to our customers

Barriers To Market Entry :

We have broken numerous obstacles in the way of entering the market and earned a name for the brand. We will attempt to widen our business every and every day.

Brand Value :

We have a highbrand recal all thanks to our creative positioning and promotions . This has created a high value for itself. We intend to be among the top 500 companies in the world for the first step and reach the rank among the top 50 companies in the world for the final step. This will clearly indicate our supremacy in this segment.

Increasing Sales :

Maxer Photonics has a sales target in each zone of the globe therefore we schedule to increase our sales continuously . This shows the kind of brand image and goodwill we would like to earn in the market.

Target New Markets :

We permanently are consulting with our partners to explore new markets to get the untapped potential of the customers. We need to increase our sales in these regions .

R&D Spending :

We put a lot of effort into research and development for getting ready for the future and providing every possible latest tech before the competitors. To reach our targets and compete with our rivals, we constantly allocate one-fourth of the annual income of our sales to research and development.

Maxer Photonics is an optic manufacturer which is known