Who we are

We started our business of producing some optical and electronic products such as in a small unit in an apartment with 5 people in Iran, in 2013. Since the beginning we thought great and made an effort to work internationally, however, economic restrictions did not let us do it. We decided to move to Singapore in 2019 to pass the economic limitations and increase the rate of production and quality where we did it. Today, we are going to relocate the headquarter to Ontario, Canada to make it greater. Maxer photonics welcomes every partner who would like to contribute with us for the rest of the way and is ready to negotiate on mutual contribution. We would, also, like to share our knowledge and products with our committed partners to consist of a powerful and capable team with high-quality and reliable products in the optical and electronic industry.

Through hard work, ingenuity, and discipline, Maxer Photonics is consistently setting new standards for manufacturing and modernizing the optical and electronic industry by localizing new technologies and allocating one-fourth of its income to R&D and innovation research.