Our vision

Maxer Photonics has a vision of a global optical and electronic industry characterized by adherence to the highest international human rights and international standards. Labor rights and environmental norms are protected and respected throughout the entire supply chain and materials are used in electronics products, human resources working in the production cycle and process control, packaging and plastic consumption in selling strategies, and aftermarket services with recycling and disposal of electronics waste, all on the level of company’s own operations and in the value chain.

Governments and state authorities play their roles as legislators to monitor compliance with human rights and international standards in the industry and enforce legal regulations. Governmental institutions are involved in social procurement in their capacity as institutional consumers.

Great companies, vendors, and other related actors along the supply chain, including shareholders, founders, and retailers respect human rights and sustainable standards in the global electronics sector. Brands and retailers are accountable and provide enough transparency for consumers to understand the conditions in the electronics supply chain to make informed purchasing decisions.

Urban society stakeholders including syndicates, labor unions, and environmental organizations play their certified roles both at the national and international levels.